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When you choose us, you can rest assured knowing that your project will be in the hands of technical experts who will ensure proper implementation of each and everything. We have the expertise and years of hands on experience to enhance your business processes with minimal cost input. Additionally, for your satisfaction, our solutions will provide clear and measurable outcomes of our IT solutions.

Here’s what our portfolio includes:

SDLC Automation Solutions

Automating the Software Development cycle means quicker delivery of quality products and cost optimization. So if you’re looking to boost speed and quality, we are here to help.

SDLC involves four steps:

• Planning • Designing • Implementing • Improving With this in mind, we will provide you with solutions that minimize your production risks. Our SDLC Automation Solutions will help predict future bugs and prepare solutions preemptively. In addition to this, our primary focus will be to lower your cost and make your business processes faster.

The key features of SDLC Automation solutions include:

• Providing a modular platform that will enhance your existing toolset without compromising on your previous investments. • A cloud-agnostic platform provided by Kubernetes that can be easily integrated with Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon. • Usage of PaaS and on-premise deployment. • Regular reporting that will include advanced test runs (for KPIs, metrics, etc.). • Providing bug tracking, test case management, social channel management through third-party apps. • Scalability- Scale up or down based on your requirements.

Robotic Process Automation

Our proprietary RPA solutions are based on UIpath.

Through RPA, you can optimize the following KPIs:

• Reducing Cost: Having a machine do daily tasks can prove cost-effective as your money won’t go into paying your employees. Chances of errors are also minimized. • Enhancing Customer Experience: Through RPA, you can put your valuable resources into other, more important uses. Enhance your customer experience by providing them with the best resources. • Eliminating Operational Risks: With a machine or a PC performing your daily time-consuming tasks, there will be no room for error. • Enhancing Internal Processes: To take full advantage of RPA, companies must define a clear working structure. This will help improve the internal processes of your business. • Making Use of Old Systems: Your old IT systems will not go to waste. Instead of getting rid of the older IT systems, RBA will enhance them.

One-Stop Business Portal

With just one portal, you can access, evaluate, and integrate any part of your business. Whether it’s your KPIs or customer satisfaction, you can keep a close tab on everything with just one portal.

Here are some features of the portal:

• Monitor customer satisfaction levels and catch a problem in the business cycle before it affects your customer. • Pin-point your product hotspots and enable your business to grow. • Evaluate and improve your internal operations with the help of operations monitoring.

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