About us.

Who are we, what we aim for and what we value the most in our crew


Chavdar Trendafilov


Innovator by heart, Chavdar Trendafilov has created breakthrough innovations. As a true visionary leader, with his innovative thinking and bold initiatives he has been implementing innovation thorough his whole career. Before joining 1Crew, Chocho served as director for Digital Services at Scalefocus and managed EMEA delivery of Quality Engineering, Cloud DevOps and Data Engineering. Chocho brings hands-on Automation expertise, a wealth of international experience and technical know-how blended with an entrepreneurial vision to 1Crew. Prior to Scalefocus, he served at Software AG, Visteon and Medtronic. 1Crew was founded with the understanding of the IT business to provide the highest quality service.

Georgi Gocev


Georgi's expertise in automation platforms is crucial for the development of our products and solutions. Teams under his supervision and coaching have delivered complex process and test automation solutions, both with enterprise and open-source tools for more than 15 years. Georgi has been successful in projects ranging from the smallest automation task to applying automation framework solutions on enterprise level. His experience in working with HP, IBM, Deutsche Bank, is what "1Crew" uses to create the foundation for achieving high standards. Focusing on ROI and SLA , Georgi keeps our team focused and our partners happy!

Ivan Dobrinov


Ivan Dobrinov is an IT professional with 15+ years of experience working with international companieslike Siemens and Hewlett-Packаrd. His expertise spans across various domains - from telecom industry through IT Service Management to Big Data and retail and energy trading. He has participated in multiple large-scale projects involving most popular cloud providers, and has dealt with extensive set of technologies related to software support as well as automation of business workflows and software development lifecycle. As CTO of 1crew - he drives company's technical strategy focused on automation and innovative solutions around processes optimization.
Automate the automation - helping software companies to get
the maximum value of their quality processes using our innovative platform.
Our mission is to fill in the missing piece a company needs for securing its product development and business scaling process.

Our crew aims to utilize technologies to fill in the gap between developing a great software product and keeping it scalable and maintainable.

We believe automation is the key to each software's excellent performance, reliability, and scalability, and 1Crew is here to provide an all-in-one solution that contains a great team of experts and leading automation capabilities.
Our crew of bright young individuals aims to change how we work, live, and learn.
We aim to be a leader and preferred partner to our clients regarding scaling, performance, and test planning strategy.

Our vision is to enablе software companies to optimize their processes, maximize their "applications" quality and focus on their core business goals