Kubernetes services

From A to Z: Implementation, consulting and support, a full
range of Kubernetes-related services every software solution needs.

We offer various sets of services related to running sustainable
and cost-optimized
Kubernetes environments.
Whether you are just considering using Kubernetes for a future project or have already containerized your services or set up your Kubernetes environment - our experts could provide useful insights and advice, and create a tailored architecture or optimization guide for your needs.
1Crew is a member of:
Kubernetes onboarding
We cover both new setup and migration scenarios.
  • Setup Kubernetes infrastructure - on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid
  • Need a Kubernetes setup in your private data center, solely in the cloud or a hybrid setup – we will evaluate your requirements, prepare an execution plan, then implement and maintain the Kubernetes infrastructure according to the best industry standards.
  • Migration of containerized applications to Kubernetes
  • We will draw up a plan based on your business and functional requirements and applications priority and will execute the migration in a fast and reliable manner.
  • Migration from on-premise or Cloud-to-Cloud Kubernetes migrations
  • Google Kubernetes engine, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes service: We have the skillset and experience both with Kubernetes and with the 3 major Cloud Providers to implement Kubernetes efficient setup
Kubernetes solution audit
We perform a thorough audit of your Kubernetes infrastructure and provide a detailed report with recommendations based on the identified business and technical risks with your current setup.
  • Assessment of Kubernetes instances
  • Kubernetes architecture – does your current implementation meet best practices, are there any technical gaps with the current setup?
  • Kubernetes workload analysis
  • Workload resource usage – how and what is your current Kubernetes spending on resources? Is there room for optimization, does the current limits meet your requirements?
    Workflow deployment strategies – is your Kubernetes workload deployment process fast, reliable, and error-prone? Do you have an optimal release process and a rollback strategy in place?
  • Kubernetes security audit
  • How secure is your Kubernetes cluster? How secure is your software supply chain - from code level through container level to cluster level? Are there any Compliance regulations that your clusters must meet?
  • Kubernetes administration and maintenance
  • Backup strategy – what is your backup strategy, do you have a disaster-recovery plan in place?
    Monitoring – how do you monitor your Kubernetes cluster, is it optimal, how fast are issues detected?
Kubernetes optimization and hardening
After we perform an audit of your infrastructure, we can implement the recommendations outlined in our audit report
  • Cost and workload-optimized
  • Use your Kubernetes environments in an effective and efficient manner
  • Secure
  • Ensure your Kubernetes platform is 100% security-compliant.
  • Automated provisioning of Kubernetes clusters
  • Easy-to-setup Kubernetes clusters on-demand
  • Reliable production-ready Kubernetes clusters
  • Kubernetes production clusters which meet your functional and non-functional requirements.