Our managed services model.

We support your business in a managed service manner and provide clear and measurable outcomes.

While using an in-house team to maintain your systems might have seemed like the right thing to do a decade ago, now, it could actually be working against you. With the right partner, a managed service could make your work a whole lot easier, faster, and more efficient. Basically, having a managed service is like having an entire department full of seasoned IT professionals working around the clock to provide IT solutions. We'll get to what we can do in a minute, but first:
Managed services are simply the practice of outsourcing certain managerial and administrative responsibilities to a third party. Although managed services are synonymous with IT, at 1Crew, we take things up a notch by providing an all inclusive service that is sure to help you grow your business. The global market value for managed services is currently valued at $152.2 billion. But, by 2026, this figure is estimated to reach an outstanding $274 billion. So, what makes managed services so popular? And how does it differ from the classic service model?

The classic service model is also known as "break-fix" support. It is characterized by its reactive nature, which basically means that if something's not working, you have to notify the IT department and wait for the problem to be fixed. If your support team works only during standard business hours, this could lead to significant downtime and potential loss of money. Here are a few other things managed services can do for your business:
Better Time to Market
Marketing is difficult, especially if you don't have someone to help you realize and implement the best strategies. The right partner can help you create a marketing strategy geared towards promoting your goods or services.
One-Time Onboarding
As your business grows, so do its IT and human resource needs. Both these problems can be solved by hiring more personnel, but that will cost you, not to mention the time wasted in training new employees. Do you really want to deal with all that when you can have someone else do it at a fraction of the cost?
Maintenance –Development
Ratio Curve Over Time
IT systems are prone to failure, thus necessitating the need for constant maintenance. In the same measure, every business has its own development goals, which, require the input of the same employees doing the maintenance. Getting a reliable managed service provider allows you to remain productive, even when faced with IT issues.
Eliminate Knowledge
Most companies rely on one person or team of people who solely possess knowledge of all the critical aspects of the system. But, what happens when they are not available? Managed services provide a dedicated team of experts who are available 24/7 to cater to all your IT needs.
The Know-How of the
Whole Crew Gathered in
One Subscription
Imagine getting a team of IT professionals at the price of one! Regardless of the nature of your business, the chances are that you have numerous IT needs. This means that you have to hire different professionals to provide different IT solutions. You can get all that in a single subscription.
Increased Availability
In most cases, regular employees are only available during standard working hours. This means that if a problem were to arise during their time off, you'd be faced with a major bummer. But, with managed services, all your IT solutions are just a click or call away at all times.
Access to a Variety of
IT is developing at a remarkable rate, and with it comes new technologies that are hitting the shelf every other week. Apart from the hardware, you also need to hire or retrain your employees. With managed services, you get access to these technologies and a team of qualified professionals at a fraction of the cost.
Focus on Core
Business Goals
By using managed services, you get to free up your employee's time so that they can focus on their actual jobs. The cost-saving benefits of managed services also come in handy in freeing up a bit of extra cash that can be better utilized in attaining your core business goals.
Flexible Pricing
You get different favorable pricing depending on your companies needs. We offer services in a modular structure that allows you to only pay for what you need. Moreover, our services are subscription-based and come at a flat rate.
How the whole process works from initiating to closing a ticket:

We navigate you through the whole lifecycle of every single task you trust us with.

From identifying the initial need and defining the task, all the way to releasing and closing the ticket, we follow a strict battle-prooven process.
Act with integrity
Trust is always a key factor for solid partnership with our customers. We always act with integrity when we engage in projects and adhere to the highest standards of business conduct.
Measure by results
It is the focus on results that brings value. We are oriented towards delivering transparent, measurable results to our customers in committed timeframes.
Driven by innovation
Innovation is a mindset. Our company vision encompasses the adoption of new technologies and custom solutions that address our customers' business challenges in an effective and efficient manner.