Work with industry experts.

Over the years, we have gathered expertise and deep knowledge in some of the fastest developing industries in the world.

Efficient Infrastructure
At 1Crew, we will help you improve your infrastructure, including your company’s processes and services. We will recommend software technologies that are tailored to fit your energy trading needs.
Cloud-Based Strategy
With a cloud-based strategy, we will help you plan and implement solutions that best fit your business needs. Plan your strategy, evaluate different cloud providers, and analyze technology trends - all in one place!
Energy Trading and Risk Management
With energy trading, risk management and reporting software, you will only focus on running the business, while we take care of the rest. After evaluating the current business process, we will develop a plan for changes to be implemented in the infrastructure. In addition to this, we will also take care of management, availability, and changes through SaaS. By evaluating risks, you will be able to increase profits in the future.
Trading Operations
The energy trading sector is affected by sudden fluctuations in prices. With our software solutions, you will be able to forecast fluctuations and analyze large, complex data. This will help you set prices as well as efficient routes in the future.
Open Banking
Our goal is to provide you with simplified solutions using our expertise in automation and digital banking. With an open banking strategy, we will provide you with a customer-focused transformation with a simple and innovative experience.
Digital Innovation Strategy
If you’re looking to transform your work culture into a collaborative experience, we’re here to help. We will evaluate and understand each part of your business - be it people, processes, or technology- to come up with specific solutions tailored for your overall success. 1Crew will help you innovate, in terms of both your company and your products.
With our 1-3 days workshop, we will evaluate your company and curate a plan for innovation. The workshop will help us in understanding the current work environment and structure and evaluate the changes that can be implemented.
Open Banking Assessment and Strategy
The world is moving at a fast pace and it can prove difficult to cope with. We will help assess your current strategy across organizations and products to come up with an open banking strategy that fits your needs. 1Crew will develop a plan for processes keeping cost optimization and efficiency in mind. In addition to developing a plan to support open banking, we will also help you implement and execute it.
Vendor Selection
Be it banking integrations or cloud, DevOps, API, and data manipulation capabilities, we will help you in vendor selection that will help you across the board. With this, you will be able to adapt to the ever-changing transformations at minimal costs in the future.
Data Quality
Our experience in Quality and Process automation can bring your Data Quality to the next level. Ensuring the numbers are correct in all phases of your business, you can significantly minimize the cost and risk in your processes.
Use Case Development
You will be provided with recommendations and approaches after an in-depth evaluation of your current client portfolio. 1Crew will come up with a tailored process for your specific needs.
Open Banking Planning
To sum it all up, we will evaluate your current business processes, recommend strategies, and help implement open banking strategies across the board. This will help your business succeed, both internally and externally.
Solutions that Improve Efficiency
At the core of every successful business are an efficient and effective logistics and supply chain. 1Crew will help automate logistics operations and make it easier for you to complete daily tasks. Improve inventory management and transparency with our smart and reliable logistics software solutions.
Grow Your Business
Whether you own an eCommerce company or build large parts at a factory, managing inventory can be tough. Handling the day-to-day infrastructure and management can be made easy with automation across the logistics department. The demands of inventory and transportation management increase with the growth of the company. This is why we are here to help you grow in a way that’s cost and time-efficient. Leave the daily hard manual labor in the hands of reliable software programs.
All-in-One Management Software
Whether it’s managing stock or delivery dates and timings, 1Crew can help you access all the data in one place. The software solutions will be integrated specifically for your company’s requirements and further tweaks can be made for improvements in the future.
Whether it’s the time of arrival of the transport or its place, everything can be monitored in real-time. Optimize your transport management systems, to take advantage of improved data processing of your shipments. This will help you in planning and executing your business processes accordingly.
Continuous Improvements
Managing logistics manually requires a lot of research. You will need to evaluate each and every step of the supply chain to check its efficiency and plan improvements. With automation and monitoring, you will be able to track everything, such as efficient routes and delivery time, within a matter of minutes. The systems will prove to be cost and time-effective in the long run.
Software Optimization
The retail industry has been moving at a fast pace. Innovative practices of yesteryears might not work now. With retail software optimization, we will bringchange and innovation to you. Tired of the slow and outdated processes? Let’s work together to improve both the business and the customer’s experience. Implementing AI in retail has been the most demanded and hottest trend. It not only works towards cost optimization but also makes the business customer-focused. Connect with your clients and customers on a more personal level by followingup on trends and being responsive. In addition to this, using the modeling platform you can also assess and analyze data and conclude results within minutes.
Flexible Infrastructure
With automation in the retail sector, you can optimize costs and improve efficiency. The software solutions are not only easy to use but are also highly scalable and flexible. With cloud solutions, you can leave the licensing, datamanagement, program maintenance, and updates to us.
Sports Betting Solutions
Our experience in Sports Betting solutions can help you to scale and optimize the cost of your business on all levels.
Lift & Shift
You will be provided with cloud-based innovations and continued IT solutions by experienced cloud architects. We will always be ready to assist you with the expertise that you need. Provide your customers with the best experience and improved response time to grow your business.
Development and Management
We will provide you with an experience and a platform-specific to your needs.The innovative and effective technologies will also help you keep track of the sports book. Our solutions will help you keep a competitive edge and leave room for innovations and advancements.
We can enhance your monitoring system to ensure your production environment meets all end-user SLAs and constantly check that all regulations are covered. This will lower the risk for your business and significantly improve your customer NPS.
Thanks to our expertise in different industries and domains, we understand that each client has custom needs and requirements. Therefore our crew is ready to create a tailored solution for your business needs from scratch after profoundly analyzing the details of every use case you want to be covered.